I have my mobile phone repaired rather than discarded.


I take the train to the airport instead of being dropped off by car

Thermostatic valves

I install thermostatic valves on my radiators and set them to max. 3.


I maintain my car and check my tire pressure regularly.

Fruit and vegetable basket

I buy fruits and vegetables in bulk and without packaging.

Local beer

I drink local (or even Brussels) beer.


I ride my bike once a week to work.


I use all my leftovers to prepare a weekly meal.


I buy clothes second-hand  or in ethical and responsible fashion stores (slow fashion).


I set my fridge at 4° and my freezer at -18° to keep my food in optimal condition.

Open windows

I turn off the heating when I ventilate the rooms/rooms.

Be careful to open the windows wide for 5 minutes instead of tilt and turn window all day long!


I install thick shutters or curtains in heated rooms and close them at night or when I leave my home.


I prefer a shower (max 5 minutes) to a bath. If I like baths, I limit myself to 1 bath a month.


I avoid air conditioning as much as possible (if I am too hot I hang a damp sheet on my window to cool the room. If that's not enough, then I prefer the fan.)


I hang my laundry instead of using the dryer.