I buy clothes second-hand  or in ethical and responsible fashion stores (slow fashion).


To travel on a city trip, I prefer the train if possible. If I fly, I compensate my flights.


I prefer a shower (max 5 minutes) to a bath. If I like baths, I limit myself to 1 bath a month.

Washing machine

I wash at 30° (or even cold when it suits) and in the Eco cycle. I prefer ecological washing and rinsing products (Marseille soap and white vinegar for example)

Fruit and vegetable basket

I buy fruits and vegetables in bulk and without packaging.


I choose a fridge and a washing machine A+++


I use all my leftovers to prepare a weekly meal.


I take the train to the airport instead of being dropped off by car


I lower my heating by 1° (the ideal temperature in the living rooms is 19°C / 17°C in the bedroom).


I carry out the annual maintenance of my boiler. I clear and dust my radiators.


I replace my bulbs with LEDs or compact fluorescents

Picnic basket

I don't use disposable dishes when I eat outdoors.


I replace one portion of red meat with one portion of white meat per week.

Open windows

I turn off the heating when I ventilate the rooms/rooms.

Be careful to open the windows wide for 5 minutes instead of tilt and turn window all day long!


I make my own fries and prepare my own homemade mayonnaise.