I ride my bike once a week to work.


I avoid using the microwave to thaw food.

Washing machine

I wash at 30° (or even cold when it suits) and in the Eco cycle. I prefer ecological washing and rinsing products (Marseille soap and white vinegar for example)


I wrap my gifts in beautiful fabrics instead of paper packaging.

Christmas tree

I make my own Christmas decorations (origami, cotton, cut-outs) rather than buy them and I choose LED Christmas lights.


I lower my heating by 1° (the ideal temperature in the living rooms is 19°C / 17°C in the bedroom).


I install thick shutters or curtains in heated rooms and close them at night or when I leave my home.

Shower head

I replace my shower head with a water-saving head / I install a flow limiter on my faucets.

Open windows

I turn off the heating when I ventilate the rooms/rooms.

Be careful to open the windows wide for 5 minutes instead of tilt and turn window all day long!

Fruit and vegetable basket

I buy fruits and vegetables in bulk and without packaging.

Rechargeable batteries

I use rechargeable batteries.


I use tap water instead of bottled water and replace my disposable filters with activated carbon.


I insulate the hot water pipes with foam tubes.


I install timer sockets for my electrical appliances.


I make my own fries and prepare my own homemade mayonnaise.