I prefer a shower (max 5 minutes) to a bath. If I like baths, I limit myself to 1 bath a month.


I make my own fries and prepare my own homemade mayonnaise.

Green electricity

I choose a green electricity supplier.


I start composting organic waste. Several options are available to me: neighbourhood compost, throw my compost or vermicompost (terrace), use orange bags.


I wrap my gifts in beautiful fabrics instead of paper packaging.

Local beer

I drink local (or even Brussels) beer.


I maintain my car and check my tire pressure regularly.

Shower head

I replace my shower head with a water-saving head / I install a flow limiter on my faucets.


I adopt an economical and responsible driving style (I avoid sudden braking, sudden acceleration and I don't open my windows too often).

Picnic basket

I don't use disposable dishes when I eat outdoors.

Olive oil

I replace butter with olive oil for cooking.


I take the train to the airport instead of being dropped off by car


I install timer sockets for my electrical appliances.


I replace my bulbs with LEDs or compact fluorescents

Power strip

I hunt down devices in standby, I install intelligent power strips.