Carbon assessment : Press pack

1° Measure before acting !

First of all, the City measured the CO2 emissions resulting from all the activities occurring in its territory. The first results are very conclusive.

The city servants are not the only ones making efforts. The results from Brussels' citizens are also very encouraging :

*ktCO2: kilo ton of CO2

2° Drafting a Climate Plan

After the measuring stage, the Climate Plan will precisely address the list of measures that need to be implemented in different sectors in order to further reduce CO2 emissions.

Inspired by Brussels citizens

A series of participatory workshops will be organised with the citizens to identify local problems and suggest solutions.

The City of Brussels invites its inhabitants to participate in these workshops during which we'll tackle topics such as : sustainable food, urban agriculture, sustainable consumption, nature in the city and low carbon emission mobility.

What is the future for your ideas ?

With the help of design the office CO2logic, the City of Brussels will gather and synthesize the ideas from the different workshops. Together, we will build a Climate Plan for the City of Brussels.

For what purpose ?

The Climate Plan of the City of Brussels targets at least the 2030 european objectives in terms of energy and climate :


Climate plan