Green electricity

I choose a green electricity supplier.


I carry out the annual maintenance of my boiler. I clear and dust my radiators.


I regularly defrost my freezer (every 6 months).


I adopt an economical and responsible driving style (I avoid sudden braking, sudden acceleration and I don't open my windows too often).


I opt for a car-sharing system.

Pot with lid

I use a lid to cook food and choose a pan size that fits the cooking plate.


I run my errands on foot.


To travel on a city trip, I prefer the train if possible. If I fly, I compensate my flights.


I introduce one meat-free day a week.

Christmas tree

I make my own Christmas decorations (origami, cotton, cut-outs) rather than buy them and I choose LED Christmas lights.

Wooden horse

I prefer to buy a wooden or second-hand toy rather than a plastic one.


I insulate the hot water pipes with foam tubes.


I freeze my food before the expiry date instead of throwing it away.

Washing machine

I wash at 30° (or even cold when it suits) and in the Eco cycle. I prefer ecological washing and rinsing products (Marseille soap and white vinegar for example)


I replace one portion of red meat with one portion of white meat per week.