I prefer a shower (max 5 minutes) to a bath. If I like baths, I limit myself to 1 bath a month.

Open windows

I turn off the heating when I ventilate the rooms/rooms.

Be careful to open the windows wide for 5 minutes instead of tilt and turn window all day long!


I empty and disconnect my fridge, and all electrical appliances in standby (TV, internet box...) and turns off the gas when I go on vacation.


I opt for local tourism on a small scale, with locals or camping.


I take the train to the airport instead of being dropped off by car


I replace one portion of red meat with one portion of white meat per week.

Green electricity

I choose a green electricity supplier.


I maintain my car and check my tire pressure regularly.


I opt for a car-sharing system.

Shower head

I replace my shower head with a water-saving head / I install a flow limiter on my faucets.

Fruit and vegetable basket

I buy fruits and vegetables in bulk and without packaging.


I regularly defrost my freezer (every 6 months).


I run my errands on foot.

Rechargeable batteries

I use rechargeable batteries.


I start composting organic waste. Several options are available to me: neighbourhood compost, throw my compost or vermicompost (terrace), use orange bags.