I start composting organic waste. Several options are available to me: neighbourhood compost, throw my compost or vermicompost (terrace), use orange bags.


I set my fridge at 4° and my freezer at -18° to keep my food in optimal condition.


I choose a fridge and a washing machine A+++

Wooden horse

I prefer to buy a wooden or second-hand toy rather than a plastic one.


I wrap my gifts in beautiful fabrics instead of paper packaging.


I take my used batteries and electronic products to the waste collection centre or to specialised shops.


I replace one portion of red meat with one portion of white meat per week.


I opt for local tourism on a small scale, with locals or camping.


I ask a consultant to carry out a free energy evaluation of my home.


I install timer sockets for my electrical appliances.

Green electricity

I choose a green electricity supplier.


I opt for a car-sharing system.

Olive oil

I replace butter with olive oil for cooking.

Shower head

I replace my shower head with a water-saving head / I install a flow limiter on my faucets.

Open windows

I turn off the heating when I ventilate the rooms/rooms.

Be careful to open the windows wide for 5 minutes instead of tilt and turn window all day long!